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Amended Procedures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Parents are requested to please regularly visit the Board website at for current updates and information. Currently, on the advice of the Northwestern Health Unit, the school is limiting community and family visitors to emergencies only.


  • This year school will start at 8:40 AM
  •  Please do not send your child to school, if they are walking or getting dropped off, until 8:40 AM.


Parents will not be allowed to enter the school at this time. Visitors to the school will be limited to essential workers, and do not include parents/guardians. Parents/guardians are considered essential when there is an urgent need/emergency.


Block 1 - 8:40 to 10:10 (90 min)
Break   - 10:10 to 10:55
Block 2 - 10:55 to 12:45 (110 min)
Break   - 12:45 to 1:30
Block 3 - 1:30 to 3:10 (100 min)

Student Drop Offs:

All students should be dropped off at the main entrance where a supervisor will be available at 8:40 a.m. to safely direct students to their appropriate zone for morning recess until 8:40 am. If students will be late, please contact the school at your earliest convenience to let office staff know for safe arrival. Please buzz the office using the doorbell outside, and office staff will meet students at the door.

Entry Procedures for grades/classrooms

Upon arrival Students will line up 1 metre apart as they exit the bus.

They will use East Entrance.

Entry Procedure:

  • Grade 4 – 8 students will put on their mask. All students will use foot pump sanitizer and head to the cloak room where they will hang up their belongings 1 m apart.) Once their belongings are hung up, they will proceed to their classroom.

Breaks/Recesses/Lunches Procedure (to limit the number of students in the hallway at one time or on the playground at one time)

Students will wash their hands and eat in the lunchroom. When bell rings, they will use the foot pump to sanitize their hands and proceed outside with the person on duty. Masks will be worn. We will have a brown paper bag for students with their name on it in the case where they feel they need to take a break from it. They will place the mask by the wall, 1 metre apart.)

Re-entry from recess procedure will be the same as the morning procedure.

Exit Procedures for grades/classrooms

At the end of the day:

Students will wash their hands. Line up in their classroom 1 meter apart and proceed to cloak room keeping a 1 meter distance.

Once dressed they will:

  • Line up by the exit door 1 meter apart and to go on the bus or to their parents’ car.
  •  If you are picking up your child, please let the classroom teacher know and pre-arrange a spot for your child to meet you outside


Other Considerations:

  • Staff and signage will support students in learning new routines
  • Students in grades 4-6 are required to wear masks/face coverings as per the Ontario government. Parents of students in K-3 may also consider sending their children in masks; however, staff will be unable to assist in the adjustment of masks if students find them challenging to wear or keep on.
  • Mask breaks will be scheduled by class
  • Masks must be worn when exiting the building, but may be removed by students if they maintain a 2 metre distance from each other when they are on the playground
  •  Please send items that your child can easily open without assistance for their lunch to minimize any handling from staff.
  • Please send items that do not require heating as there will be no microwaves available for use during nutrition breaks.
  •  Students leaving school early for appointments will wait at the office.Parents are asked to buzz the office when you arrive at the school and your child will be brought to the front doors to meet you.
  • Library books will be delivered to classrooms, students can request titles
  • Reading Recovery and Speech services will be provided with extra safety measures in place
  • There will be no Breakfast or Hot Lunch Program until further notice

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call Mrs. Carradice at the school, or check out the FAQ section of the Board website!